Beef in Gravy


Made with local, antibiotic and hormone free beef which is slow roasted to tender perfection and smothered in gravy.

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Beef in Gravy

Made in collaboration with our friends at VG Meats

If you've been with us since our restaurant days, you may recognize VG as they supplied us with our delicious, high quality meats. They are a local, family-owned company that has proudly been serving Ontario families high quality meat since the 1970s. Started by previous generations and now run by four brothers, VG Meats is proudly local. All of their products are born, raised, fed, processed and packaged in Ontario.

Ingredients: beef, gourmet steak spice (salt, spices, dehydrated garlic, hydrolyzed soy and corn protein, flavour, sunflower oil (mfg. aid), gravy (natural cooking juices (may contain traces of pork and poultry)), modified corn starch, salt, pepper

Heating Instructions:

Stove or oven: If using a stove, please thaw the product prior to use. Remove contents from tray and heat throughout.

If using the oven, remove plastic and put the tray in a preheated oven until warmed through. This meal is fully cooked however we do recommend that it not be consumed without heating thoroughly. 

Can be reheated from frozen when using an oven. Tray is not safe for microwave.

Portion: 840g | serves 3-4 people

Serving Sugestions: Roast beef never got easier! Add it to your favourite sandwich bun! Mix it with your favourite sauces! Try it in a taco! Top it on a salad - it's up to you!