Our Beliefs

In food, people and business.



We believe in working with Ontario farmers for our food. This makes the food taste better and is more sustainable for our society. We also believe in knowing where our food comes from, so we can ensure quality & consistency.

Scratch Made

All our food is made in house, using the freshest seasonal ingredients. We make all our dishes from scratch, because we firmly believe food tastes better when it's home cooked, fresh and made with love.


We believe food should be delicious but attainable for everyone. That is why we are aspiring to bring chef driven, ingredient focused food to Toronto, but at an affordable price and in a casual setting.

Nutrition, not Calories

We believe food should be wholesome, filling and nutrition rich. Healthy eating is more than counting calories, it's ensuring you are getting the right vitamins, minerals and proteins cooked in a way to maximize them.



We believe the food should be the focus, so we are all about taking the best possible ingredients and treating them the best way we know to create simple, honest country cooking.


We believe in showcasing foods when they are in season. That is when they are the tastiest and most nutritionally rich. We strive to have many specials in order to create delicious meals using the best, seasonal ingredients.

Chef Driven

We strive to keep our dishes simple as possible so the ingredients are the star, but we do this using years of culinary techniques shaped by experience in top restaurants in Canada and globally.


In the end, food is all about bringing people together. That is why we encourage sharing and communal seating. We believe in building a community, with our farmers, customers and neighbourhood all with a common goal of sharing great food together.