Chicken Madras


A South Indian chicken curry made with boneless chicken thigh, coconut milk, curry leaves and red chili. 

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Chicken Madras 

Pukka is a forward-thinking take on Indian cuisine that is unparalleled in Canada. Pukka is family-style sharing plates with full-size flavours. The menu takes you on a journey through decadent tastes, while maintaining a lightness that enchants the palette. The culinary team elevates the typical Indian curry into clean, modern bites that wow both the eyes and the taste buds.

Ingredients: boneless chicken thigh, tomato, coconut milk, curry leaves, red chilli.

Heating Instructions: Keep frozen until ready to thaw and use. Heat gently on the stovetop. Refrigerate leftovers
and use within 4 days.

Portion: 600 grams | Served 3-4 people 

Serving suggestions: Pair with naan or plain rice for a complete meal.