Corn Tortillas

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Organic corn tortillas by our partner Alba Lisa

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Corn Tortillas

Made by our friends at AlbaLisa

Ingredients: fresh white corn tortillas (wholegrain certified organic GMO free corn, water, sea salt)

Heating Instructions: Defrost in fridge overnight. For faster defrosting, place in the sink with cold water until defrosted. If you want to keep your tortillas warm and soft, you first need to sprinkle with water or brush oil on the tortillas. Then, place them on a hot skillet. Let the tortilla heat up for about 20 seconds and flip only once. Heat it up for another 20 seconds or until the tortilla looks and feel soft. Immediately transfer the tortillas into a tea towel or a piece of aluminum foil. Keep them covered until you are ready to serve.

Dietaries: vegan, vegetarian, gluten friendly, dairy free

Spice Level: low, not spicy

Portion: 215g | 10 tortillas