Garden Caesar Salad

with baby gem lettuce, radish, snap peas, grana padano cheese & buttermilk caesar dressing
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Garden Caesar Salad

The Story: Everything you love about Caesar salad, just healthier! We have been making our famous (in our eyes) Buttermilk Caesar Dressing at Farm'r for a few years. What makes it different from your average Caesar dressing is the buttermilk provides richness and added tang without having to add anchovy, which allows us to keep our dressing vegetarian while capturing the typical Caesar flavour profile.

We wanted to capture the feeling of early summer in a fresh tasting Caesar Salad that isn’t heavy, is carb free and meatless. Radishes and snap peas do the trick, and paired with baby gem romaine lettuce, a shave of Parmesan, and a squirt of lemon, this is a light and ultra refreshing spin on a classic!

Salad Ingredients: baby gem lettuce, radish, snap peas, grana padano cheese

Dressing Ingredients: eggs, smoked paprika, mustard, canola oil, lemon, garlic, horseradish, capers, buttermilk, salt, black pepper, grana padano cheese

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