Green Curry Sauce


This delectable sauce is made by combining together fresh green chili, baby aubergine, kaffir lime leaves, eggplant and sweet basil leaves.

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Green Curry Sauce 

Made by our friends at Blue Elephant

Authentic Thai flavour in a single box. All-in-one cooking kit for your favourite Thai dishes. 

Ingredients: coconut milk 60.8%, green curry paste (Thai garlic, chili, lemongrass, shallot, galangal, salt, coriander, kaffir lime, sweet basil leaves, fully refined soybean oil, shrimp paste (shrimp (crustacean), salt ), cumin seeds powder, turmeric, nutmeg powder, white pepper powder) 10.1%, eggplant 9.0 %, sugar 3.8 %, sweet basil leaves 3.8 %, water 3.6 %, solanum 3.0 %, fish sauce (anchovy (fish), salt, sugar) 1.5%, red chili 1.0 %, kaffir lime 1.0 %, garlic 0.8%, coriander 0.6%, shallot 0.5%, fully refined soybean oil 0.4%, cumin 0.1%

Heating Instructions: In a sauce pan or a wok, heat the Blue Elephant Green Curry Sauce with 1/2 cup (125ml) of water. Bring to boil. Add your protien of choice and optional vegetables. Simmer until protein is cooked to your taste.

Portion: 285 mL | serves 2-3 people.

Suggested Serving: Best served with your favourite protein, vegetables and a side of rice. Looking for more inspo? Check out this video from Blue Elephant.