Farm'r Founders

We began our journey in the food world as a team of chefs, working with great farmers and food producers behind the Toronto farm-to-table restaurant Farm'r. Since Covid-19 began, we've shifted our focus to help families and couples access better meals made by local Ontario food producers.

In a busy world where more people are eating from home, we are dedicated to helping families and couples eat better food, from local producers, chefs and restaurants, easier than ever. We work with amazing partners to create prepared meals that showcase the diversity of our country to create healthy-ish comfort foods that makes meal time easy. 

Diverse and multicultural meals
Freezer Meals
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Meals for the whole family
Diverse and multicultural meals


We believe in partnering with exciting, local chefs, restaurants, and producers who love food as much as we do! We're proud to offer a wide variety of food types that showcases the diversity of our country and keeps meals exciting.

Historically frozen meals have been considered low-quality and cheap, but we love frozen food! Freezing is incredibly common and used by restaurants and chefs everywhere to preserve food and maintain food quality. We look for partners who use high quality, whole ingredients where possible so when you pull your meal from the freezer you can be confident that you're about to enjoy a fresh and delicious meal!

We get it, dinner time is hard. We're here to solve the problem of what's for dinner by providing great tasting food, available conveniently at a good price. Better than meal kits, our meals require no prep, are lower cost per meal, require less time and less wasted packaging.