Snack Bomb Peanut Butter Cherry Dark Chocolate (GF, VG, DF)

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Description: Organic peanut butter, dark chocolate and sour cherries come together in a collision of mind-bending tastiness. Good for you fats, you bet. Nutritionally dense nuts and seeds? You got it. Ridiculously tasty flavour combination? Definitely.

Size: 2 balls per pack, 40g

Ingredients: Dates, dry roasted peanuts, oats, sour cherries, wildcrafted baru seed, powdered peanut butter (roasted peanuts, salt), hemp, dark chocolate (raw arriba criollo cacao paste, raw unrefined cane juice crystals, raw arriba criollo cacao butter), cacao butter, coconut oil, coconut butter, sugars (maple syrup), flaxseed, Ecuadorian mountain salt.

About It: So what’s a SnackBomb? It’s a better energy ball. Period. And it’s delicious, plant-based and organic!