Our Suppliers

The food at Farm’r is good because of the ingredients and suppliers we partner with. To become a trusted supplier a company must:

  1. Be Honest & Traceable: we believe in partnering with good people who run good companies

2. Approachable Price: our ingredients must match our goal to make everyday food at an approachable price point

3. Amazing Quality & Taste: the ingredients are the star of our food, so everything we source must be delicious

Some of our favourite suppliers include:

VG Meats (smaller).jpg

VG Meats (Simcoe)

The Story: VG Meats is run by 4 brothers, Chad, Kevin, Kyle and Cory. In 1970 their grandfather started the business. The meat business was different back then. It was easier to operate as a small family business and just focus on respect for the animals and producing the tastiest cuts. Today the business is a battle against the national producers who relentlessly work to make cheaper and cheaper products.

It takes these four brothers, each with a different expertise, to battle every day against bigger commodity competitors. Their careful family raised poduct is just better.

Why It’s Better:

  1. Trusted Product: small herd, high care meat. Never fed antibiotics and no added hormones.

  2. Taste: their meat tastes amazing.

What VG Supplies Farm’r: ground turkey, chicken and beef brisket

JBR Farms (smaller).jpg

JBR Farms (Holland Marsh)

The Story: JBR Farms is a family run business in the Holland Marsh. They grow dozens of different seasonal Ontario vegetables throughout the available growing season.

Typically JBR sells their product through the Ontario Food Terminal where ugly food is thrown out and the complex processing means it takes days to get to consumers or restaurants. JBR drives their food straight from the farm to our doors at Farm’r. Nothing is wasted and everything is fresh.

Why It’s Better: locally grown in the amazing soil of the Holland Marsh and driven right to our door at Farm’r

What JBR Supplies Farm’r: many seasonal vegetables including lettuces, kale, carrots, beets and zucchini

Quinta Quinoa (smaller).jpg

Quinta Quinoa (Guelph)

The Story: Quinta Quinoa was started by Jamie Draves who lost 1/3 of his pancreas due to health complications in 2007. He was forced to follow a strict diet which included quinoa. In those days all quinoa came from South America, so Jamie was inspired to dedicate his life to finding a way to grow quinoa in Canada.

He worked with the University of Guelph to develop a strain of quinoa perfect for the Canadian climate. The amazing product ended up being the highest protein, mineral, and amino acid content available in North America.

Why It’s Better: higher nutrient content that South American quinoa and it’s locally grown

What Quinta Supplies Farm’r: all of our quinoa cooked in-store and the retail product we sell on our store shelves

Organic Ocean (smaller).jpg

Organic Ocean (B.C.)

The Story: Organic Ocean was started by a group of British Columbia fisherman frustrated by over-fishing, unsustainable practices and the deception in the seafood industry. Their good work was recognized by First Nations fishers who now partner with the company.

Together as Organic Ocean they represent an alternative to the high volume producers who are destroying the oceans and the seafood industry in search of a cheaper and cheaper product.

Why It’s Better: you have to taste it to fully understand. On top of the taste, the tuna from Organic Ocean is line-caught near Haida Gwaii. The fish are 3 to 4 year managed to be low mercury accumulation and the highest in Omega-3s of all tuna.

What Organic Ocean Supplies Farm’r: wild line-caught albacore tuna

K2 Milling (smaller).jpg

K2 Milling (Beeton)

The Story: K2 milling is an artisan flour mill in Beeton, Ontario. The mill’s history goes back to 1891 when it was started by the Hayhoe family.

Today the mills is run by Mark Hayhoe who uses his nearly 30 years experience to make some of the best flours around. He uses mostly locally grown organic grains to make flours including spelt, soft wheat, hard wheat, corn, rye, oats, barley, triticale, sorghum, millet, flax, wheat, peas, hemp,buckwheat, rice, lentils and beans.

Why It’s Better: organic grains milled with a specialty in-house designed milling process that retains flavour better than all other types of milling

What K2 Milling Supplies Farm’r: all purpose and multigrain flour for baking and cookies, buckwheat flour for falafels and corn flour for our cornbread and certain other recipes


Check back soon as we profile more of our suppliers…